How To Fix If Beats Studio Buds Not Charging?

Beats Studio Buds Not Charging

Beats Studio Buds are wireless earbuds that offer features such as noise cancellation, long battery life, and hands-free calls. However, some users may encounter problems with charging their earbuds or their charging case. This could be due to various reasons, such as dirt, damage, software glitches, or faulty cables or adapters. We will explore some of the common causes and solutions for Beats Studio Buds Not Charging issues. We will also provide some tips on how to prevent or avoid these problems in the future.

What is Beats Studio?

Beats Studio is a brand name for different types of headphones and earbuds that are designed to deliver high-quality sound and noise cancellation. There are currently three products under the Beats Studio name: Beats Studio Pro, Beats Studio Buds +, and Beats Studio Buds. Each product has its features and specifications, such as battery life, connectivity, 4-D audio, and compatibility with Apple and Android devices.

How do Beats Studio work?

Beats Studio headphones and earbuds work by using Bluetooth technology to connect wireless to your device. They also have active noise canceling (ANC) and transparency modes. You can switch between using the Beats logo button on either earbud or the power button on the headphones. ANC blocks out unwanted external noise, while transparency mode lets you hear the world around you. You can also use the Beats logo button or the multi-function button on the headphones to control your music, phone calls, and voice assistant. 

5 reasons why my Beats Studio Buds case not charging

There could be several reasons for this problem, such as:

  • A dirty or faulty charging port, cable, or wall adapter. You can try cleaning them with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol or using a different cable or adapter.
  • A low or drained battery on your earbuds or the case. You can try charging your earbuds first before charging the case.
  • A software fault in the case. You can try resetting the case by pressing and holding the system button for 15 seconds or until the LED indicator light flashes red and white.
  • A defective or damaged battery or case. You may need to contact Apple Support or an authorized service provider for assistance or buy a new case from the official Beats or Apple website.
  • A loose charging port on the case. This can point to a hardware problem that has to be fixed or replaced.

Why are my Beats Studio Buds Not Charging?

Your Beats Studio Buds need to be in the case to charge. The case has a light that shows if they are charging or not. When you connect the case to a power source with a cable, the light should turn red. If it does not, then your Buds are not charging. This could happen because of some reasons, such as:

  • Your Buds are not in the right position in the case.
  • There is some dirt on the metal parts that connect the Buds and the case and must be possible the earbud is not clean .
  • Your case or Buds need to be updated with the latest software.
  • Your case or Buds have a problem that needs to be fixed.

How do I know if Beats Buds are charging?

You can check the LED light on the charging case and the earbuds to see if your Beats Buds are charging or not. You can also check the battery level on your device. 

Beats Studio Buds Not Charging

5 Ways to Fix Beats Studio Buds Not Charging

If you are facing trouble charging your Beats Studio Buds, Don’t worry, here are some simple steps to get them working again:

  1. Recharge overnight: Sometimes, your earbudsjust need more time to fully charge. Leave them plugged in overnight and see if they come back to life in the morning.
  2. Cool down the case: If the case feels hot, let it cool down in a cool (not cold) place for a few hours before charging again. This ensures the finest function.
  3. Try a different charger: Use a different charger you know works, like a new one or one used with other devices recently.
  4. Clean the case: Remove rubbish from the charging port and connections inside the case with a cleaning tool. Do this in good lighting and gently, without applying too much pressure.
  5. Reset the case: if nothing works, reset the case to factory settings. While plugged in, open the lid and press the setup button until the light blinks. This should fix software issues and allow charging.

How long does it take to charge the Beats Studio Buds?

The Beats Studio Buds and their case require around two hours to completely charge. If you’re in a rush, though, the Fast Fuel feature allows you to obtain an hour’s worth of playback from only five minutes of charging.

How do I reset my Beats Studio Buds?

To reset your Beats Studio Buds, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the charging case and insert both earphones inside.
  • Press and hold the case’s system button for 15 seconds, or until the red and white LED indicator light flashes.
  • Release the button on the system. Once again, you can pair your Beats Studio Buds with your device because the LED indicator light will continue to flash white.

How To Replace The Charging Port On Beats Studio Buds?

Here are some tips to replace the charging port on Beats Studio Buds:

  • Take off the tips from your earbudsand keep them safe.
  • Open the case by taking out the two screws.
  • Find the USB-C port inside the case.
  • Use a tool to lift the cover over the port.
  • Use another tool to take out the port.
  • Put a new cable on a new port, then put it back in the case.
  • Close the case and put the screws back.
  • Put the tips back on your earbuds and have fun.
Beats Studio Buds Not Charging

Final Thoughts

Beats Studio Buds are wireless earbuds that offer high-quality sound, noise cancellation, and long battery life. However, some users may encounter charging issues like Beats Studio Buds Not Charging. There are several possible causes and solutions for this problem, such as checking the cable, resetting the earbuds, or contacting Apple Support. By following these tips, you can hopefully enjoy your Beats Studio Buds without any interruption.


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